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Convegno AWOS 2016

  • 12 Aprile 2016
  • Centro Studi Americani – Roma

The transformation of international sanction and trade restriction regimes and the challenges of compliance for italian companies


Introduction to the topics of the conference
Overview of Italy’s national policy on economic and financial sanctions
The implementation of UN and EU provisions concerning international embargoes and counterterrorism: The role of the Financial Security Committee
Italian and EU export control regime for dual use products
New orientations concerning licensing and controls on export of Armaments
US sanctions in the banking sector and impact on EU banks. Case studies
The role of Banks and the control procedures in Italy
The evolution of the sanction regime in force against Iran and the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
The future of Russia/Ukraine sanctions
U.S. sanctions regimes and its implications for non-U.S. companies
Overview of Italy’s international commercial policy and the international sanctions regimes

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